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Courage to Change Sober Living is a 501c3, and all donations are completely tax deductable. We use paypal for safe and secure donations. We are happy to provide a full invoice for all donations.

Our generous community partners are a vital part of our client's success. In offering low barrier housing we accept people who may not have insurance or the resources to pay upfront. Thats where you come in. You make it possible for us to offer services to the poor, disenfranchised, disempowered, and vulnerable. We need your help to remail a pipeline back to mainstream society for people who are offered no rehabilitation and very little by society other than prison.


A donation of $500 spponsors an addict for one month. So often people come to sober living after the have lost virtually everything. This donation gives them a place to stay, food, and all of our other services for a month. This crucial month is often how long it takes for a person to find a job and start recieving paychecks, and by giving this you offer them a bridge towards a new life.


A donation of $250 spponsors an addict for two weeks. The first two weeks in sober living can be the hardest part of the transition. This donation takes away one more stressor for half a month, that of money. This lack of stress allows them to throw themselves into.


A donation of $125 sponsors an addict for one week. This critical, week long period allows them a space to get through what can be the most difficult part of beginning a new life in a safe and caring environment.

As much as you'd like

Here you can set your own comfort level. Every donation helps more than you may ever realize. It all adds up to provide shelter, care, and love to those with very few good options.


Other Options

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