Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions about our care?

  • How long is the standard stay?
  • What is expected of a resident?
  • Can children be with a resident?
  • Do you guys work with the courts?

Our program has several stages, but in general we first plan a 90 day stay for clients. We re-evaluate progress at 30 days to make sure our program is the right fit for a client. It is possible for clients to stay after 90 days but that is also evaluated at the time of.

First and foremost as this is a sober living environment, failure to maintain sobriety is grounds for immediate discharge. Clients must meet weekly case management goals, maintain meeting attendance, keep up with their house chores and be either in full time employment or full time school. All other requirements will be explained at the intake process after acceptance.

We do not have the capacity to house children at this time however overnight visits are a possibility. It has to be cleared with a case manager first.

Courage to Change accepts referrals from the Monroe County Drug Court and will work with other probationary and legal agencies. We only share client information as required by law or to coordinate care. Many of our clients are successful with the legal system while staying here.