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Here are a few components of our success

We recognize and honor many paths to wellness and combine approaches for multifaceted treatment. Here is a deeper look at a few of our services.

  • Housing
  • Intensive Outpatient
  • Case Management
  • Hold until treatment
  • Scholarships

We offer several different houses for men and several different houses for women. The residents become responsible for the cleanliness and governance of their own living space. Each house and the clients thereof are given some guidance but become self sufficient at the same time. This is a peer run model that gives each client a say in their own future and opportunities to grow and lead.

Intensive Out Patient (IOP) group classes offer many different perspectives and approaches to cognitive and behavioral wellness. Designed to both provoke thought and provide tools for stopping substance abuse, IOP is an engaging method for clients to learn about themselves and their substance abuse. The diverse topics then lead into a group discussion for an organicly developing course content.

Case management sessions are a weekly one on ones between the client and their apponted case manager. The CM touches base with the client and reviews the last week, offering an outside and objective perspective to help clients reach their own goals. This private session allows the client to communicate on a deeper level than might otherwise be comfortable in an IOP group and get focus, tailored feedback from experienced experts.

If an individual is trying to get into a treatment center we can allow them a place to stay until they are admitted. We do this, generally, when a person has already been admitted for residency with Courage to Change. However, there are many exceptions and we encourage everyone to contact us with inquiries.

Through our fundraising efforts we are proud to offer scholarship opportunities to clients that meet certain criteria. If a person is selected for a scholarship they will be given a portion of time rent free to allow them less burdensome transition into our services. At the end of this we expect the individual to fully support themselves.