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Peer Leaders

Courage to Change gives clients who show drive and dedication to recovery the opportunity to grow and help others by becoming a Peer Leader. A peer leader, or house captian, is the initial staff contact point and is a mediator in the regular house meetings. They have no power to influence treatment plans or diagnosis but rather make sure things run smoothly at the individual locations.

Josh P

House Captain

As a former state class wrestler, Josh enjoys teaching his son the art of Greco-Roman wrestling. He works as a salesman and enjoys giving back to the community that has helped him so much.

Jessica C

House Captain

Jessica is an artist who has restarted her degree while working. She wants to work with those in addiction so others can enjoy the help she has gotten. She sees header house leader position as training toward her bigger goals

Richard W

Peer Leader

Robert referred himself to Courage to Change because he needed a house with structure as he continued his degree in Chemistry. He has grown into his repsonsibility as House Captain, saying he never thought himself capable of something like this. He sees himself building a life for himself, his girlfriend, and their soon to be born daughter.

Tiffany L

Peer Leader

Tiffany is a mother, a musician, and a full time accountant. She says that Courage to Change gave her the space and endless support needed to begin addressing the issues she was facing. She now enjoys, along with a new life, showing newer members the ropes.